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Jan/ Feb 2016 Issue

February 11, 2016





In this issue:

What Body Type is a Baseball Player Supposed to Have?/
Are We Raising Cry Baby Athletes?/
An Umpire’s Near Impossible Road To The Majors/
Body Part Injury - Dead Arm/
NCAA DI, DII & DIII Teams to Watch/
Being A Good Teammate - Dr. Charlie Maher of the Cleveland Indians/
College Player Insight Interview - Reid Neal - Florida Tech/ 
Batted Ball Speed - How to Find the Holy Grail of Hitting with Dr. Dan Russell/ 
High School "Top 30" Baseball Rankings / 
Polls & Weekly Round-UP/ Review / 
FULL College Baseball Directory- NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA, NWAC, CCCAA
And more..


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