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Hitting Misinformation

There are thousands of websites, YouTube videos, organizations, coaches, etc out there. It can get very confusing and how do you know which ones are good?  And if they do have some good information, how do you know which is right for you?  This video gives just a few examples of why you need to be very cautious when looking for help and training.  It applies to both online and in person one-on-one instruction.  From the famous and not so famous.

Hitting Misinformation -Troy Gray
Best Hitters Fail - WRONG - Troy Gray
The Best Hitters in the World Fail 70% of the Time – WRONG!
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What This Training Really Is
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Four Simple Principles - Troy Gray
Four Simple Principles for Successful Hitting
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Truth About Batting Tees - Troy Gray
The Truth About Batting Tees  UPDATED- They're Holding You Back
Additional Evidence Video That Includes Soft Toss Below
UPDATE added - Pitching Machines
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This is the Two Part series of interviews Coach Helke did with former USA Baseball National Team Coach Peter Caliendo on his international podcast "Baseball Outside the Box" about the batting tee and soft toss.  Click on logos above to listen to each episode. 

The Truth About Batting Tees and Soft Toss - Additional Evidence Video

This is an accompanying video to the Batting Tee Report. This video also covers soft toss. Please read the Batting Tee Report first

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