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Hand Break - Ball Release

The Science of Hitting A Fastball (1 of 3)

  • Video by Science Insider with added annotations.

  • The reason why you have to learn Hand Break and Ball Release as a batter.  

  • It's all about seeing the ball early because you don't have time to wait at the plate to initiate your swing. 

  • More in-depth about timing in The Truth About Batting Tees report.

  • Original video on YouTube:

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Intro to Hand Break-Ball Release (2 of 3)

  • Please watch this short video first.

  • Batters can have the best hitting mechanics in the world, but if their timing is off those mechanics won't matter.  

  • On the other hand, batters with average mechanics but good timing will find more success at the plate.

  • Video 3 of 3 below

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Intro Hand Break Ball Release 2021
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Hand Break-Ball Release (3 of 3)

  • Here you will learn how simple it is to get on time and in-sync with the pitcher.  

  • Timing is the most important aspect of hitting.  Without it, no mechanics in the world will help you. 

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NOTE: While the use of pitching machines aren't advised, players can still practice Hand Break/ Ball release.

  • The operator must have a glove and remove the ball as a pitcher would (Hand Break).  Batter loads.​

  • As the operator puts the ball into the machine, this mimic's Ball Release - the batter initiates his stride forward. 

  • While not an ideal situation, it's better than not practicing it at all. 

Troy Science of Hitting a Fastball
Troy Hand Break Ball Release
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