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Updated April 2021 

I want to thank Steve Kuhn from Minnesota for his ongoing assistance with compiling and verifying this extensive list.

Alaska Baseball League
Appalachian League 2021
Arizona Collegiate Wood Bat League
Atlantic Baseball Confederation Collegiate League
Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League
Ban Johnson Amateur Baseball League
Bay Area Collegiate League
Beach Collegiate Baseball League
Blue Chip Collegiate League
Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League
California Collegiate League
Cape Cod Baseball League
Carolina-Virgina Collegiate League
Cascade Collegiate League
Centex Collegiate Baseball League
Charles Johnson Collegiate Summer League
Coastal Plain League
College Summer League at Grand Park
Collegiate League of the Palm Beaches
Competitors Collegiate League
Connecticut Collegiate Baseball League
Corn Belt League
Cotton States Baseball League
Dairyland Collegiate League
D-Bat Collegiate League
Deep South Collegiate League
Expedition League
Florida Collegiate Summer League
Futures Collegiate Baseball League Of New England
Golden State Collegiate Baseball League
Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League
Great Lakes United Baseball League (UBL)
Greater Northeast Collegiate Baseball League
Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League
Honor the Game Wood Bat League (powered by Marucci)
Houston Collegiate Summer League
Hudson Valley Collegiate Baseball League
Interstate Collegiate Baseball League
Kansas Collegiate League Baseball
Maryland Collegiate Baseball League
Metropolitan Collegiate Baseball League
Metro Summer Collegiate League
Metro Summer Collegiate Baseball League of Illinois
Mid Atlantic Collegiate League
Mid-Plains League
Mid West Collegiate League
Mile High Collegiate Baseball League
M.I.N.K Collegiate Summer Baseball League
MLB Draft League 2021
New England Collegiate Baseball League
New York Collegiate Baseball League
Nothwoods League
North Louisiana Collegiate Baseball League
Ohio Collegiate Summer Baseball League
Ohio Valley Summer Collegiate Baseball League
Pacific Coast Collegiate League
Pacific International League
Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League
Pioneer Collegiate Baseball League
Piedmont Collegiate Baseball League
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*Formerly named Palm Springs Collegiate League


The most comprehensive and extensive list of collegiate summer baseball leagues and collegiate summer baseball news. Most of these amateur leagues use wooden baseball bats.  Elite college baseball players compete at a high level. Players are bound by NCAA eligibility and are sent to each member league by their college coach. Some collegiate leagues/ teams charge a fee to play - others don't. Most leagues and teams allow a player to apply directly.  Go to the league and team you're interested in and look for an application.  Also, speak with your college coach.

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