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This page is designed to help pitchers pitch better.  The information listed below will allow you to increase your velocity, strength, accuracy and understanding while helping to reduce the potential for arm and shoulder injuries.


Many pitching coaches/ instructors make things so complicated and have pitchers do so many unnecessary drills it confuses the player, wastes their time/ money and Interferes with their game performance.


Secondly, most treat the symptom of an issue not the cause. A pitching coach/ instructor needs to reverse engineer a player’s movements to identify the source of an issue. They also have to take into account a players age, body strength, physiology, knowledge of pitching (both the physical and mental) and other factors. No two pitchers are the same.


A coach’s role is to make things simple to understand and easily learned. They should teach to make it so that the player needs them less and less because the player has been taught to assess themselves and have the ability to correct themselves (which is very important if you’re in the middle of a game!).  Many coaches teach to have the player come back to them over-and-over. That’s not my purpose.  I want to have you get to the point where you understand so that you only have to come back to me 3 or 4 times a year for a “tune-up”.


Fair warning. Just because a coach has pitched in college or the pros doesn’t mean they can teach. Some of the best coaches I have known over my 30yrs coaching never played in college or the pro’s.

The Best Hitters in the World Fail 70% of the Time – WRONG!


How many times have you heard?


"The game of baseball is a game of failure – even the best hitters fail 70% of the time."




“Hitting a baseball is one of the hardest things to do in sports.”

These two very popular statements are believed by many players, coaches, parents, industry gurus and even sports media. It’s sad to say that just those two very popular statements have been said by so many people over such a long period of time it is assumed to be true. Unfortunately, it has programmed a negative mindset – a Belief System or BS in millions of players over the years.  Their mindset, their core belief, their foundation has been brainwashed in believing that baseball is a game of failure.  IT'S NOT.

Then to top it all off just like in pitching, the majority of coaches, instructors and trainers make things so complicated and have have players do drill after unnecessary mindless drill that quite frankly interferes with their game performance and wastes their time/ money.  They are only teaching swinging a bat .  In fact, the majority of training out there actually restricts a hitters development, timing, bat speed, etc.  


This training teaches a player how to consistently and successfully hit a moving baseball.  Huge difference.  



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